Let’s begin …

My name is Sadaf. So, why am I here? Not you … me! Why am I creating this blog? Well, for now my intention is to document my creations and write about the inspiration associated with them. But maybe I will also share a thought, an idea, a find, a place I visited, or even a recipe. Basically anything or anyone that has inspired me. Through this blog I am seeking and pledging inspiration through the art that is life.

A bit about me without making it too biographical. The first thing that I remember creating was a card for my dad at the age of five. He still has that card, which was made using handmade paper, lace, potpourri, and homemade ink stamps. Even though I absolutely love art & design, I studied science and I work in a hospital lab as a biochemistry technologist. I am also currently working towards a human science degree. I am married to my love at first sight and we have four very inquisitive children. I am passionate about cooking, eating, and feeding my family healthy meals. I aim for at least five intense workouts each week and a few yoga sessions. Though I rarely achieve all those fitness goals. Something that I do all the time is write or type all of my goals and ideas, no matter how impossible or ridiculous they may seem. I do believe that my faith is the driving force behind everything that I am able to do. This faith keeps me well grounded, humble, and hopeful for the future.

One last very important bit. As a little girl I always dreamed of having a career through which I could help all of humanity. Growing up I found myself yearning to help those in need and I ended up volunteering for different causes as well as supporting several charities. At this point in my life, I have the capability to take part in so many wonderful initiatives. So please join me in this support. A portion of every sale I make will always go the following charities. If I decide to give to another charitable organization in the future, I will list it here as well.

Kiva | www.kiva.org/lender/sadafartdesign

Make a loan to people in need all over the world. A loan that can help a single mother send her son to university, enable another mother to buy more chicken for her egg farm, buy a water filter to provide safe drinking water for her family, or help to pay the rent on the house where she is living until her destroyed house is rebuilt because it existed in a conflict zone. These are just some of the stories of the borrowers at Kiva. You can read more of them on their website.

“Kiva is a simple concept that can change a person’s life.”
– Oprah Winfrey

unicef Canadawww.unicef.ca

“All children deserve to live happy and healthy lives. We will be making a donation to give the world’s most vulnerable children the nutrition, water, and medical supplies they desperately need.”

SickKids | www.sickkidsfoundation.com

“SickKids is fighting to make every kid a healthy kid.”

“Knowledge saves lives. Fund the fight to pioneer new possibilities in treatment and cure. SickKids 2,000 researchers make advances every day that bring new hope to children and their families. Help us breakthrough with research.”

“Kids are not mini adults. Their needs are different. Fund the fight to help children treated at SickKids feel comforted through difficult times and have joyful childhood experiences. Help us care with compassion.”

“Where you live shouldn’t determine if you live. Fund the fight to bring SickKids level of care to as many children as possible.  Here at home and around the world. Help us expand our reach.”

Image: Taken by me at Crawford Lake.


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