DIY Rustic Wood Sign

Didn’t really know how to title this post. Rustic wood sign or hand lettered sign or faux and lettered rustic wood sign or hand painted faux calligraphy wood sign or … lol … well you get the idea, right? I love making these signs and of course using wood so naturally this post will show you both how to create that rustic look plus adding faux hand lettering or graphic of your choice. I know there are several ways of achieving this and I’m just showing you one of the ways but I hope I can share the other methods as well soon. I’ve put together a video to show you and I hope it’s half decent lol … I’m a novice to making these videos plus I have a 10 month old right now that hardly takes naps, which means hardly any time to edit a video haha. Enjoy!

Here are some graphics that I recently made for a tutorial class hosted by ISNA Canada and their COMPASS program. Feel free to download and use them for any of your projects : ) There are two downloads for each graphic. One is a basic black text or graphic for just tracing the design and the other is the PDF of the image you see in my display of these graphic designs below. Click and download all the files. Print the PDF or get it printed on card stock and frame it if you like. I just like to have a different inspirational saying, verse, or quote at my desk every week … whatever inspires me or makes me feel good or sets the mood for whatever’s going on in my life that week. Hope you feel inspired as well!

Here are both sets of PDF’s.  Just click the images below and download the attached PDF packages. I’m sorry I had to compile it into single PDF downloads for convenience sake as there are too many files to attach each one separately. The basic black and white graphics for the tracing and the styled graphics for you to print or display as you please : )

Black & White Graphics Download

Styled Graphics Download




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